The Newbie’s Guide to Buying CBD Gummies Online

The estimated sales of CBD is set to reach $1.8 billion by 2022. Such projections have seen even more investors make a leeway into this industry in a bid to cash in on the predicted profits.


As a result, the CBD market is now over saturated with products of all types, making it quite difficult for a newbie consumer to find what they like! If you’re among such consumers, then CBD gummies are a good starting point.


Are you curious about CBD gummies and want to give them a try? Read this guide for CBD newbies, so you know how to buy the best CBD gummies online.


What Exactly are CBD Gummies?

They’re CBD edibles in candy form. Like other edibles, these gummies often contain a calculated amount of CBD oil alongside other ingredients which make them appealing to those with a sweet tooth. Based on the brand you opt for, in addition to CBD, the base ingredients are usually hemp oil, a good amount of sugar, and flavoring as well as preservatives.


How Do These Gummies Work?

Now that you know what they’re and what they contain, how exactly do CBD gummy bears work? Well, there is no straightforward answer to that, so we'll breakdown the entire working process for you.


According to studies, there are receptors in your body, known as endocannabinoids. These receptors are responsible for your psychological and cognitive functions. They regulate factors such as your mood, appetite, pain response, and your overall wellness.


What does this have to do with CBD gummies? Well as noted earlier, one of the main components is CBD, which is known in full as cannabidiol. It’s one of the main compounds of marijuana and hemp. It exists alongside THC in marijuana, but CBD is the primary derivative of the hemp plant. CBD from the hemp plant contains 0% THC.


This compound has been proven to interact naturally with the endocannabinoid system by binding with the receptors. Therefore, it stimulates a positive response to your psychological and cognitive functions. In other words, the CBD in these gummy bears empowers the body to regulate and heal itself by regulation of homeostasis.


Should I Worry About Being High?

One of the biggest concerns among most beginners is whether gummies will make them high. The good news is that they don’t! The high effect that people experience when they take marijuana edibles is often as a result of THC, which is only present in marijuana.


 You don’t have to stress about being high as the best CBD gummies are made from hemp oil, which often contains about 0.3% of THC. This is isn't enough to get you high! Other than CBD, hemp oil also contains more of other essential compounds such as terpenes and CBG.


 It’s therefore important to note that these gummies and other edibles derived from hemp contain little to no THC!


Nevertheless, it’s crucial you take caution while purchasing your gummies. In a bid to speed up the manufacturing process, some brands tend to use harmful solvents such as butane while others contain THC. Therefore, while CBD gummies won’t get you high, remain conscious of the brand you purchase to avoid such substances. To completely avoid worry about THC, chose a reputable brand with 0% THC.

Are CBD Gummies Legal and Where Can I Get Them?

Gummies are derivatives of hemp oil, which contains only 0.3% of THC. Therefore, you’re pretty much on the safe side as they not only contain low THC amounts but are also permissible. With that in mind, where can you get them?  You can buy yourself your dose of CBD gummies at a local, licensed CBD store, or you could purchase them at the touch of a button online. Certain states have restrictions.


How to Buy CBD Gummies Online

If you are buying your CBD gummies online, here are some of the factors that you should consider while shopping around:


Consider the Concentration

Even though THC is legal in various states, it’s illegal in some of them. The last thing you want is to end up behind bars because you purchased a pack of gummies. Therefore, ensure you check the concentration of THC in the product you purchase. The right concentration should 0.3% or less. Ensure you buy from a reputable brand.


Whether Your Gummy Bears are Isolate of Full-Spectrum

As mentioned earlier, other than CBD, hemp contains other compounds. Some CBD gummy bears derived from hemp are known as full-spectrum. They can have a good efficacy due to the presence of the other compounds.

Isolate CBD gummies, on the other hand, are just as the name suggests. They only contain CBD, and they pack a lot of benefits. They are also an excellent option, and there is never a worry about passing a drug test because there is 0% THC.

Look for a 3rd Party Lab Report

A reputable manufacturer won’t have any problem displaying the lab report as he/she is confident in their product. A missing lab report is a red light as it could mean that the product doesn’t contain the required amount of CBD. Therefore, for quality assurance, look for an independent lab report.


The Ingredients

It’s vital to note that while CBD is the main component, it’s not the only ingredient in CBD gummies. Other ingredients can include sugar, flavoring, and preservatives. It’s essential to consider the other ingredients, especially if you suffer from a medical condition.


Be sure you carefully analyze the product label. If you see an ingredient whose name you can't pronounce, do a quick Google search to avoid complications.



You should also consider the price. No matter how good a certain gummy brand is, it’s of no good use to you if you can’t afford it! Therefore, consider the price and the return policy put in place by the manufacturer.


The Source of Hemp

Another critical metric to consider while shopping for your pack of CBD gummies is the source of hemp used in the manufacturing process. Since the legalization of the farm bill, most manufacturers source their hemp from the U.S. This is currently the best location for hemp cultivation thanks to the nutrient-rich soils and top notch cultivation practices.


Why there’s Increasing Popularity of CBD Gummy Bears Over Other CBD Edibles

Even though there are many CBD products out there, the demand for CBD gummy bears continues to increase every day due to:


Ease of Intake

CBD gummies are just gummies that contain CBD! This makes them easy to take. Also, they contain sugar and flavoring, which masks the taste of CBD, thus making enjoyable for those who have a sweet tooth and those who hate the taste of CBD.


They’re More Effective

Whenever you eat a gummy, it’s absorbed into your digestive system and then gradually released into your body. This provides a longer lasting effect in comparison to when you take other CBD products. As a result they’re economical and at the same time better for problems such as anxiety.


They can be Used Discreetly

The fact that CBD gummies look exactly like candy means that the user doesn't have to keep them hidden. They also don't need to explain to anyone what it’s they are taking as they can pop one in the mouth and be good to go! No stressful mouth droppers, no patches, just popping!


They Make Great Energy Boosters

Because they contain sugar, CBD gummies are great energy boosters. This makes them a preferred option among most consumers because besides offering relief to pain and the other benefits, you can also pop one whenever you are feeling low.


They’re Easy to Dose

Based on the brand you purchase from, you might be required to take one or two gummies per meal. This is pretty easy to follow.


Health Benefits of CBD Gummy Bears

When you take CBD gummy bears, you not only enjoy the great flavor, but you may also enjoy the health benefits shown below based on the problem you suffer from. They include:


Pain Relief

Majority of consumers take CBD gummies for pain relief. Even though scientists are yet to determine how exactly CBD alleviates pain, most studies suggest that it’s a natural analgesic. Therefore, it naturally binds with the endocannabinoid receptors and interacts directly with neurotransmitters responsible for pain and inflammation, hence offering relief.


CBD gummies are common among patients who suffer from chronic pain due to conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis.


Offer Relief to Anxiety and Depression

If you struggle with anxiety and depression, then CBD gummies are the right remedy for you. They ease such conditions in several ways. One of the primary ways is through how they interact with serotonin.


Serotonin is an important chemical and neurotransmitter, responsible for the emotional, cognitive, and autonomic functions. One of the main ways that CBD offers relief to the mentioned conditions is that it binds with the serotonin neurotransmitters, enabling the brain to send more serotonin signals, thereby easing depression and anxiety.


CBD also eases the mentioned conditions by directly interacting with the brain region responsible for anxiety and depression known as the hippocampus.

According to studies, the hippocampus of a person with anxiety and depression is often smaller than average. CBD helps by binding with the relevant endocannabinoid receptors and stimulates the hippocampus to regenerate neurons, thereby easing depression and anxiety. However, this effect can only be achieved by the repeated intake of CBD gummy bears.


CBD Gummy Bears for Cancer Treatment

The CBD present in gummy bears makes the lives of cancer patients better in several ways. For instance, cancer causes a lot of pain due to the inflammation and pressure it places on the internal organs. As noted earlier, CBD is a natural analgesic, hence offers pain relief and eases inflammation.


Also, cancer causes lack of appetite, which affects the patient negatively as they’re required to maintain a healthy weight for their body to respond to treatment effectively. The good news, however, is that CBD stimulates the patient's appetite.


Even though it doesn't treat cancer entirely, CBD aids in treatment as it inhibits the growth and spread of cancerous cells. This goes a long way in promoting recovery as the existing cancer cells can be removed through surgery or chemo, while the potentially malignant cells are inhibited from growing.


Other potential health benefits of CBD gummies:

  • Treats seizures and epilepsy
  • Eases migraines
  • Reduces the effects of conditions such as Alzheimer and Parkinson’s disease
  • Schizophrenia treatment


It’s vital to note that the difference between CBD and over the counter prescriptions is that CBD aims at making your body's system work normally while meds often try to masque pain or improve symptoms of a given condition.  This explains why CBD can be a better option for easing pain, anxiety, and all the conditions listed above.


Any Side Effects to Worry About?

While they pack plenty of benefits, gummies like any other product are not perfect. On the bright side, however, they don’t have many side effects, and you should only worry about:

  • A dry mouth
  • Reduced ability to metabolize medication


The above side effects only take place if you take a lot of gummies! Therefore, there’s nothing to stress about if you take your gummies as instructed. If you suffer from any medical condition, ensure you consult your doctor first before adding them to your list of to-dos.


Give CBD Gummies a Try!

To sum it up, CBD gummies pack an array of benefits that you’ll love. However, it’s vital that you be careful while purchasing yours.

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